Horus Experience

Horus House services never forget to remain constantly present, and adapted to the needs of each of our Hosts.
Since its birth, Horus House has been imagining and creating elegant, unique and most definitely unclassifiable experiences. Privileged witnesses and specialists in travelling, the concierges of the Horus House, located at 47 Courcelles street, in the 8th district of Paris, reinvent the methods of travelling to represent a more contemporary vision of travelling.



Horus House is a French company designed to spread the French « art de vivre ».
Always committed to offer our guests the best way to visit Paris, we propose to our clients, in addition of a devoted and committed accompaniment enabling them to adjust their stay at any time, a special access to exclusive services built on the values of French art de vivre and an exceptional know-how in order to give rise to a unique and authentic experience.

Paris, the city of Art and Culture.


Through the acquisition of inimaginable pieces of French culture


Paris museums and all of its monuments compose an amazing compendium of artistic and cultural history of Europe and the world.
Throughout the years, Paris has become the mythical place of creation and a symbol of influence in French fashion. Through each neighborhood, the soul of Paris appears and reveals a hidden talent with expertise.
The way Horus House regards Paris is in a modern fashion enabling services which represent a pure but contemporary tradition of French “Art de vivre”.

Horus House & art crafts

Develop and share French art de vivre with our Hosts.

Our desire is to develop the fame of our art craftsmen and to bring light to their know-how in order to rediscover the incredible wealth of French heritage. The talent of our art craftsmen, their passion to transfer their know-how constantly contributes to the enrichment of society with experiences and pleasures. Strongly attached to the preservation of a heritage and to the valorization of exceptional know how that exist in the world of beauty, the work and quality continue each and everyday to promoting France. It is by combining rarity, excellency and sharing of services offered to its guests that Horus contributes to the transfer of this heritage. Horus’ services reveal an experience that leads to an emotion.

Horus House


Horus’ origins stem from the singularity of Director Thibault’s professional background. For several years Thibault worked for two of the most prestigious and luxurious Parisians hotels, the Bristol Hotel and the Hotel Plaza-Athénée, where he became proficient in manners, people and communication, whereby he learnt the values of excellency and accuracy. He discovered the importance and significance of Private Conciergerie after he faciliated the accompaniment of a Royal Family. Driven by a passion to please, he has become well versed in the protocol of proper routine efficiency and convenience as well as being discreet while giving thoughtful advice. Thibault is strongly attached to the history and preservation of his French heritage, well known for its rich cultural diversity and know-how, and a certain “art de vivre”.


Conscious of the struggle to preserve and to share knowledge which has been passed to us from generations of talents in the arts of wine, cooking and luxury amongst others things, Thibault founded the House of Horus to allow people to experience this rich uniqueness for themselves.The rich patrimony of Horus’ partnerships with master in various domains is what makes Horus so special today.
Horus has created a selective network which is able to offer you customized experiences, whilst preserving French heritage. It combines excellency and sharing providing perfect union between devoted guidance and a contribution to the protection of the French values, which is what makes the House of Horus incredibly unique.